Referenten (18.-19.09.2012)

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Geert Langereis

Perceptual and Computational Time Models in Game Design for Time Orientation in Learning Disabilities

Several empirical studies confirm the importance of time-awareness in learning disabilities. Designed tools and environments to interact with time are essential for the training and diagnosis of an impaired notion of time. Training which improves sense of time may improve learning, daily functioning and quality of life. This presentation reviews perceptual and computational time models and we present briefly our first attempts in applying the knowledge in the design of playful tools for children to interact with the concept of time.

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Geert Langereis is an assistant professor in the department of Industrial Design of the Eindhoven University of Technology. He studied electrical engineering (with a medical endorsement) and ergonomics, and received a Ph.D. on intelligent sensor systems and algorithms. During ten years he worked at the industrial research laboratories of Philips and NXP on sensor system models, self-optimizing systems, behavior probing, electrophysiological measurements and textile integration. This experience is applied at the department of Industrial Design for designing unobtrusive products around the human body with a beneficial affordance. Student projects are in the field of designing for autism, ADHD, dyslexia and neurofeedback.


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