Referenten (18.-19.09.2012)

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Stefan Göbel

Opening GameDays

Recently, many discussions have been taken place concerning the term and definition of Serious Games. The introduction of the GameDays is used to provide an understanding and perspective of the Serious Gaming group at the Multimedia Communications Lab - KOM about Serious Games.
Further, the program and key facts (paper submissions, acceptance rates etc.) of the GameDays/Edutainment 2012 are provided.

Kurzer Lebenslauf

Stefan Göbel holds a PhD in computer science from TU Darmstadt and has long-term experience in Graphic Information Systems, Interactive Digital Storytelling, Edutainment applications and Serious Games. After five years work as researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, from 2002 to 2008 he was heading the Digital Storytelling group at the Computer Graphics Center in Darmstadt. Late 2008, Dr. Göbel moved to TUD and is heading the prospering Serious Gaming group at the Multimedia Communications Lab. Stefan is the initiator and permanent host of the GameDays, project leader of different research and science meets business projects on regional, national and international level. Futher, he is author of numerous papers and menber of different program committees in the area of Multimedia Technologies, Edutainment and Serious Games.


TU Darmstadt
Multimedia Communications Lab - KOM
Rundeturmstr. 10
64283 Darmstadt
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