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Robin Mellecker

Acquisition of Nutritional Knowledge using Footgaming in the Classroom Setting

The increasing trend in childhood obesity coupled with decreasing levels of academic achievement have given rise to the introduction of innovative technology, which offers physical activity elements together with healthy lifestyle learning objectives. Our main aim was to determine whether participation in Footgaming™ in the classroom setting would result in learning healthy, nutritional concepts. We were also interested in the student experiences teachers’ perceptions of using active gaming in the academic classroom These preliminary findings suggest that children can learn nutritional concepts when playing active video games in the classroom setting. Furthermore, both teachers and students valued the educational experience received from playing the nutritional games. Although preliminary, these findings are an important step in improving the understanding of the influence of physical activity based technologies in the classroom setting.

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Robin Mellecker received an Honors degree in Sports Science and Leisure Management and followed her interest into children and physical activity completing her PhD at the Institute of Human Performance, University of Hong Kong. In 2011, she joined her alma mater as a Post Doctorate Fellow. She has continued to pursue her post graduate interest converting sedentary screen time into active time in children and has published her work in various internationally peer reviewed journals. Robin has been awarded prizes for her research into active gaming. She was awarded the 2010 HKU Research Output Prize for her paper titled “Energy expenditure and cardiovascular responses to seated and active gaming in children” and more recently she was presented with the Best Paper at GameDays 2011. She is also on the Editorial Board for Games for Health: Research, Development and Clinical Applications journal and a committee member for The Obesity Society Membership Committee.


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