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PEDALE - Peer Education Diagnosis And Learning Environment

Players assess each other s creative task solutions in story-based games

Tasks with open format answers are for teachers and students equally most valuable for the assessment of one s learning progress. Unfortunately most computer games for learning and tutorial systems allow closed question formats only (multiple choice, gap text, etc.)
In PEDALE players assess each other s written solutions to tasks in the field of math and give peer feedback. From a didactical point of view the knowledge exchange among players and learning with practical and real-world task solutions as well as reflection will thus be promoted.
As the restriction of machine-decidable solution analysis is then not present any more, it is now possible to ask students for conceptual, drawn and arguing text-based solutions that will then be assessed by other players.
In the PEDALE demo we show the conceptual implementation and evaluation with examples from the field of mathematics. The authoring tool for story-based learning games and the playing components (game engine) are completely independently usable behind the context of mathematics. They provide multi-user handling and dynamic selection of (next) game scenes based on players behavior and intermediate results (player/learner models).
PEDALE is supported by the research program Forum für Interdisziplinäre Forschung of Darmstadt University of Technology.


Technische Universität Darmstadt
Kristina Richter, Mathematikdidaktik
u. Johannes Konert, Multimedia Kommunikation