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Online 3D Multiplayer Serious Game

Woodment is a 3D Multiplayer Serious Game for up to six players who play in two teams of up to three players. Woodment is a game for training of teamwork and collaboration, but also including a freely definable learning content. For defining the learning content, an integrated editor can be used by a teacher to create own sets of questions, answers and background knowledge. Questions and answers can be created using multiplay formats like Multiple-Choice, Free text or fill-in-the-gap text.
The game is played both in a competitive way (2 opposing teams) and in a collaborative way (teamwork and heterogeneous tasks among team members). Answering questions which are integrated into the game world provide players with game relevant boni thus being an extra motivation.
An instructor/trainer can use a Game Mastering extension to assess the players performance and actions and to adapt the game at runtime according to his/her professional opinion in order to assist the players and to improve their performance. Thus, the instructor is able to compensate for mistakes, recognize solitary players or lack of teamwork and to counteract in an appropriate way.
The game was created using the Unity3d game engine and is available as a stand-alone application for Mac, Windows and browsers.


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