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Escape from Wilson Island

A collaborative Multiplayer Serious Game

Escape from Wilson Island is a collaborative multipalyer Serious Game for four players and one Game Master. The games supports training of teamwork and social skills. The setting is a Robinson Crusoe-like scenario: The players stranded on a deserted island and need to escape from there. In order to achieve their goal, they need to solve certain tasks together. They need to fell palms and carry them to a sleeping place to build a hut or to build a raft. They need to surround herons in order to catch them. To succeed, the players need a very high amount of coordination of their movements.
An instructor/trainer can use a Game Mastering extension to assess the players performance and actions as a team and to adjust/adapt the game at runtime according to his/her professional opinion in order to assist the players and to improve their performance. Thus, the instructor is able to compensate for mistakes, recognize solitary players or a lack of teamwork and to counteract in an apropriate way.
The game was created using the Unity3d game engine and is available as a stand-alone application for Mac and Windows as well as for browser.


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