GameDays 2012 and Edutainment 2012!

3rd International Conference and 8th Science meets Business Workshop on Serious Games for Training, Education, Health and Sports plus 7th International Conference on E-Learning and Games

Multimedia Communication Lab at Technische Universität Darmstadt

The GameDays have been established in 2005 as "Science meets Business" event in the field of Serious Games, taking place on annual basis in Darmstadt, Germany. The principle aim is to bring together academia and industry and to discuss the current trends, grand challenges and potentials of Serious Games for different application domains. Since 2010, the academic part has been emphasized resulting in a first Int'l Conference on Serious Games for Sports and Health with conference proceedings and a special edition with selected papers in the Int'l Journal for Computer Science in Sport. 2011, the GameDays spectrum of topics has been broadened and the different facets, methods, concepts and effects of game-based learning and training are covered as well.

Similar, the Edutainment conference provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners in various disciplines to share and exchange experiences in the emerging research area combining Education and Entertainment. Edutainment 2012 keeps its tradition as an international major conference, which facilitates the international exchange of the-state-of-the-art in academic research and practice. The conference covers all aspects of pedagogical principles, designs and technological issues for Education and Entertainment.

The organizers of the GameDays series highly appreciated the request by the Edutainment initiators to bring the Edutainment 2012 to Europe and to combine it with the GameDays 2012.

Scientists and practitioners from both, closely related communities - Serious Games and Edutainment - are cordially invited to present their latest research achievements and best-practice results and to submit full papers (e.g., surveys, new research approaches including related work, new concepts and at least first user studies), short papers (e.g. best-practice results or new ideas and concepts, not necessarily proven with an evaluation study), demo papers (description of games, products and prototypes), poster presentations (new ideas, research approaches, etc.) or proposals for workshops (2h, half day or full day).

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